In this article, we will learn how to integrate Huawei crash service. A Crash is basically an unhandled exception which makes the system to kill the application process that caused the crash. A crash free application makes successful application and makes users happy and business successful. Huawei Crash service provides…

An ability is an abstract form of a functionality that an application can provide. The Ability class is a very essential component in HarmonyOS applications. An application may contain various Abilities. These abilities can be deployed together or independently from each other. HarmonyOS offers two types of abilities.



In this article, we will learn about Log Management in HarmonyOS sample application called FruitsApp. It provides the HiLog capability for your applications to output logs based on the specified type, level, and format string. Such logs helps you learn the running status of applications and better debug programs.


In this article, we will learn how to create sample animations in HarmonyOS. Animation is one of the basic features of the UI components. Animations brings fluent and natural interactive experience to app users. Animations are the best way catch the app user’s attention and focus.


In this article…

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Android developer

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