Integration of Huawei Services in Unity Part-2

  • Cloud Functions provides an efficient and reliable framework for developing and running functions. It frees you from complex traditional development and O&M of apps. Server configuration and management, code deployment, load balancing, autoscaling, and high reliability assurance are now streamlined. You only need to focus on service logic and function code to build reliable and scalable serverless apps.
  • As the core of serverless computing, Cloud Functions works with other cloud services like building blocks to implement your service logic.
  • A computer (desktop or laptop) running Windows 10.
  • A Huawei phone (with the USB cable), which is used for debugging.
  • Java JDK installation package.
  • Unity software installed.
  • Visual Studio/Code installed.
  • HMS Core (APK) 4.X or later.
  • Add agconnect-services.json file without fail.
  • Add SHA-256 fingerprint without fail.
  • Make sure dependencies added in build files.
  • Makes sure service is enabled.
  • Make sure use test function in agc to verify function test response and input.




Technical Lead

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Shiddalingeshwar M S

Shiddalingeshwar M S

Technical Lead

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