Intermediate: Integration of Huawei Mobile Services Multi kit (Account, Analytics, Ads, Location, Push) kits in Flutter App (Cross platform) — Part 2

  • RewardedAd
  • BannerAd
  • InterstitialAd
  • SplashAd
  • NativeAd
  • Collect and report custom events.
  • Set a maximum of 25 user attributes.
  • Automate event collection and session calculation.
  • Pre-set event IDs and parameters.
  • INSTALLAPP (app installation)
  • UNINSTALLAPP (app uninstallation)
  • CLEARNOTIFICATION (data deletion)
  • INAPPPURCHASE (in-app purchase)
  • RequestAd (ad request)
  • DisplayAd (ad display)
  • ClickAd (ad tapping)
  • ObtainAdAward (ad award claiming)
  • SIGNIN (sign-in), and SIGNOUT (sign-out)
  • Make sure that downloaded plugin is unzipped in parent directory of project.
  • Makes sure that agconnect-services.json file added.
  • Make sure dependencies are added yaml file.
  • Run flutter pug get after adding dependencies.




Technical Lead

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Shiddalingeshwar M S

Shiddalingeshwar M S

Technical Lead

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